About Go-Frrr Fetch Ball


If you have ever fired a rubber band off your thumb, 

you have all the expertise you need to use our products!

This slingshot-action ball combines a firm rubber ball with a built-in elastic loop.

It is the perfect ball for all dogs who love to fetch!

Hang the loop on your thumb – pull the ball way back – and let it fly!  Up to 150 feet!!

Easy launching and superior accuracy.

Play in all weather conditions.  Anytime.  Anywhere.

We are about keeping it simple and having fun!  




Where did this ball come from???

Years ago, I owned a small farm in Everson, WA.  Like many city folks who move to a farm, we managed to have cows, horses, chickens, ducks . . . and even goats.  The goats were important because our son was allergic to cow's milk.  We accumulated a number of goats and they would jump fences,  get in the garden, and sort of run the place.  Where

A friend gave us an Australian Shepherd named Bo . . . and he quickly taught the goats what they needed to do and where they could graze.  No more trips into the garden!

My son, Merrill, had a wonderful toy named the Rocketbal. I found another use for it.  It turned out to be a great fetch ball to use with our dog.  I could sit on a chair in the middle of the driveway and launch the ball 150' over and over and over again and after many, many trips, Bo would bring the ball back and lie on top of it because he was worn out!

Years later, I bought out the Rocketbal patent and created the Go-Frrr fetch ball in 3 sizes.  The saga continues....