Happy Customers




” This was by far the most popular toy we tested.  The concept is simple.  Dogs leaped and chased with joyous abandon!  The toy was never idle! ”  - Your Dog Magazine


” The Go-Frrr Ball is a serious training tool used by hunting dog owners to teach any breed to be better retrievers.  And, just as important, this retrieving tool and exercising device is a proven way to help get and keep any breed of hunting dog in better physical condition. ”  - Jerry Thoms, Field Editor & Senior Writer for Gun Dog Magazine


” Thank Goodness I found you again!  This is the best dog toy in the world, bar none. ”  - K. Jessup


” In a month’s worth of 10-15 minute retrieving exercise sessions each day in our backyard, my old tired-acting dog has turned into a new puppy.  She’s lost weight, gained muscle tone, and developed a new enthusiasm for retrieving. ”  - Ashley D.


” These are fabulous toys!  My ball-crazy dogs absolutely love these Go-Frrr Balls!  No more tennis rackets or my torn throwing-arm muscles!  I just ordered a bunch to include with my new litter puppy packets, and also gave one as a Puppy Shower gift.  They make exercising the dogs so easy and fun! ”  - Cindy S.


” My dog loves this toy so much that it was unthinkable to own only one!  It’s the only toy she won’t give back to me when we are done playing. ”  - Lila R.


” Not only does Tundra chase the ball, she puts it down near her nose, then lays down and rolls on it and works it down her back like a massage, and groans in delight!  We’re customers for life! ”  - Julie & Tundra


” First let me say your Go-Frrr Balls are indeed the best dog toy invented ever for ball crazy dogs.  EVER!  My Aussie would rather play with this ball than anything else, including frisbees, other dogs and even sheep! ”  - Kathy P.


” Just wanted you to know my dogs go insane for their Go-Frrr Balls.  I have to hide the balls when it’s time to stop playing! ”  - Debby B.


” This is the best dog toy invented in years!  Maybe ever!!  My dogs Oliver and Hoshie thank you! ”  - Lois M.


” I just bought one of these at the pet store, and my Springer and I both had so much fun.  I couldn’t stop laughing because my dog was so happy and excited to have this toy.  I buy a lot of stuff for Neumann, but this is a definite hit! ”  - Clare S. & Neumann




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